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Date Added: 04/02/2014

Naruto Temari Throw Pillow Style A

I would absolutely buy a Temari dakimakura if Moe Gallery can provide
by Steven K
Date Added: 03/29/2014

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Body Pillow Case 21

This product is great. the art is clear and sharp and the peach skin feels like real,soft skin. i plan to buy more of these in the future....
by Dustin Lumos
Date Added: 03/05/2014

Freezing Satellizer El Bridget Mouse Pads 01

Overall great product. Mine is a couple months old, I use it all the time, and it still looks brand new! In my opinion, this product and or all 3D Mouse pads are worth it....
by Steven Bachmann
Date Added: 01/25/2014

Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Body Pillow Case

Even though there we some mistakes in my order overall this pillow is wonderful but it was hard to fit the pillow in the case, Warning that part will give you some difficulties...
by Janel Parra
Date Added: 12/15/2013

Kuroko's Basketball Ryouta Kise Throw Pillow 01

What does buy pillow inner mean? Does it mean that you get the actual pillow inside?
---Reply by Moegallery---
Yes,the product is just the pillow case.If you choose buy pillow inner,you will get the pillow with pillow case....
by Gabrielle Robinson
Date Added: 11/08/2013

Touhou Project Aya Shameimaru Body Pillow Case 09

Product was in perfect condition and uncensored. The material I chose also feels amazing. Excellent quality and the art is preserved in top form....
by Luka Susak
Date Added: 10/22/2013

Ib eve Cosplay Costume

Not only is this costume really well made and good quality, but my order was also rushed, there was really good communication too. Will definitely be ordering a cosplay from here again, espically if they decide to make Super Dangan Ronpa 2 cosplays in the near future!...
by Sharlotte Teidy
Date Added: 07/17/2013

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Homura Akemi Standard Pillows Covers F

this isn't homura from madoka magica ^^ it's ayase from oreimo.

---Thanks for remind us.It's our fault , we will correct it.--BY MOEGALLERY...
by alice hancock
Date Added: 07/03/2013

Fate Stay Night Saber T-Shirt 02

Just got my shirt today! It's a bit bigger than I figured but I still love the fit. The feel is amazing and super soft! I love the design and the print, such vivid detail! This was definitely worth the wait! Going to buy another one now that I know my size! Love it!...
by Summer Jackson
Date Added: 04/01/2013

Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Body Pillow Case

I just got it in the mail. Thank you very much!
by Jennifer Newsome
Date Added: 03/13/2013

Kuroko's Basketball Ryouta Kise Throw Pillow 01

what is it mean by A and B picture? does it mean we can choose either A or B picture or we get A and B picture on sided pillow?

---Thanks for your contact.It means you will get A and B picture on sided pillow.-By MoeGallery Service...
by melody christy
Date Added: 03/05/2013

Naruto Sasuke Uchiha Body Pillow Case

Very good!!!I love it!!
by Lucas DeLorenzo
Displaying 13 to 24 (of 24 reviews)